Want your car..

to Look and feel like glass?

the choice is yours...

Quality car wash,

using Environmentally friendly chemicals,

and the finest equipment...

Welcome to Prestige Car Wash - For an efficient and satisfying experience!

Rain, Hail or Shine..you can always rely on Prestige...

Preserve that new car look for longer.....

We offer a variety of specials for our customers, please contact us for more details....

Why choose us

  • Is Prestige car wash safe for my vehicle?
    Yes, We guarantee zero damage to your vehicle!
  • How long does it take to wash my vehicle?
    If your vehicle is requires an hand finish, it take about xx mins.
    If your vehicle is requires a vacuum and hand finish, it take about xx ~ xx mins.
  • What kind of chemicals or soaps do we use?
    All of our soaps and cleaning products are acid or caustic free, and are biodegradable. They are safe for your vehicle and for the environment.
  • Are valuables in my vehicle okay?
    Prestige carwash is not responsible for ANY valuables left in your vehicle while on our premises, during the wash process or not. If you are concerned about anything that is left in your vehicle, please remove it before turning it over to our employees.
  • Do you take credit cards? What other forms of payment?
    Yes. We accept VISA, Master Card, American Express..
"If you've got the time… we've got the shine!"
- Prestige car wash